Find out more about the SUPREME project’s results: 3 Oral presentations and 1 Poster presentation will be held during the Euro PM2019 congress in Maastricht.

  • On Monday 14/10/2019, 17:00-18:30, room 0.5, Session 9: Oral presentation: "Study on the influence of Various 316L atomized powders on the microstructures and mechanical properties of parts obtained by Laser Powder Bed Fusion process", T. Baffie, S. Cayre, S. Chomette, P. Faucherand, G. Gaillard, L. Aixala (CEA-LITEN, Grenoble, France) and Oral presentation: "Performance and Quality parameter and their effect on LPBF manufactured high carbon steel structures using water atomized powders", S. Blümer, S.Höges, M.Schneider, D. Zhu, L.Möller (GKN, Germany)
  • On Tuesday 15/10/2019, 14:30-16:00, room 0.4, session 26: Oral presentation: "Development of a new tooling steel (L40) for Laser Powder Bed Fusion: influence of exposure parameters and powder atomization", T.Joffre, N. Maillol, J. Bajolet (CT-IPC, Oyonnax, France)
  • On Wednesday 16/10/2019, 08:00-09:00, South Hall (Poster area), session 40: Poster presentation: "Processing of 17-4PH by additive manufacturing using a Plasma Metal Deposition (PMD) technique", E. Ariza Galván, I. Montealegre-Meléndez, E. Pérez Soriano, C. Arévalo Mora, J. Meuthen, M. Kitzmantel, E. Neubauer (RHP Technology, Austria)

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