The research article, entitled "Development of a New Tooling Steel (L40) for Laser Powder Bed Fusion: Influence of Particle Size Distribution and Powder Atomization on Mechanical Performance", is now available to access.

Dongjian Zhu of GKN Additive gives a short summary of the SUPREME project and specifically of the automotive demonstrator activity in this short video.

The sixth, concluding issue of our newsletter includes the closing remarks from the Project Coordinator, the final updates on SUPREME achievements, i.e. the demonstrators and use-cases, the news from the project about meetings and promotion, the outcome of the Trainings for Experts Workshop held in November, and the last partner presentation (EPMA).

pdf SUPREME Newsletter Issue 6 December 2020 (2.13 MB)

The aim is to assess the awareness of the Powder Metallurgy community about
sustainability issues, in particular about the opinions on the importance of the
various environmental impact indicators (16 different ones) for the PM industry.

As different sectors and activities may have a different view, some of the
questions are used to discriminate the origin of the opinions, that will be
strictly anonymous.

The key question is the last one, where we ask you to assess the importance of
the 16 indicators according to you and your experience and knowledge (not
necessarily from a "sustainability expert"!). In order to help you with the
definitions of the indicators, we have prepared a "survey guide" where they are
described, please check it here in case of need.

Please complete the survey  here :

Download the survey template pdf here : (286 KB)

Download the Survey Indicators pdf here : (242 KB)

For any further explanation, refer to Bruno Vicenzi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The fifth issue includes updates on the demonstrators and from WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP6. In addition to the last review meetings (T0+24 Project Review Meeting and T0+27 Executive board meeting) and the last promotional updates, it also contains four presentations about SUPREME’s partners (DELLAS, IDONIAL, MBN, TECNALIA)

pdf SUPREME Newsletter - Issue 5 - March 2020 (4.87 MB)  

Find out more about the SUPREME project’s results: 3 Oral presentations and 1 Poster presentation will be held during the Euro PM2019 congress in Maastricht.

The fourth issue includes a recycling study from CEA-LITEN and PRISMADD, some news from WP4: Near net shape powder metallurgy hot isostatic pressing manufacturing route to manufacture high value engineering parts (TWI), Improvement of yield and energy efficiency in near net shape manufacturing (TECNALIA). In addition to the last review meetings (T0+21 Executive board meeting and the Extraordinary Steering Committee Meeting on July 4th) and the last promotional updates, it also contains three presentations about SUPREME’s partners (TWI, PRISMADD, MBA).

pdf SUPREME Newsletter - Issue 4 - September 2019 (1.37 MB)

This mid-project issue includes several SUPREME project results from ASL, CEA-LITEN, GKN, RHP and IPC. In addition to the last review meetings (T0+15 Executive board meeting and T0+18 Mid-term review meeting) and the last promotional updates, it also contains four presentations about SUPREME’s partners.

pdf SUPREME Newsletter - Issue 3 - April 2019 (2.52 MB)

The 2nd edition of the SUPREME project newsletter is now available. This new edition includes a foreword from the coordinator Dr Thierry Baffie, an update regarding how the project has continued to be promoted within the PM community, a demonstrator update in order to demonstrate the saving achieved during the project, a presentation of the demonstrator partners ASL and GKN, and details on the latest meetings and workshops.

pdf SUPREME Newsletter - Issue 2 - November 2018 (1.65 MB)

The SUPREME Project can announce its first Newsletter of 2018. The first edition newsletter of the SUPREME project includes a forward from the coordinator; Dr Arnaud Witomski from CEA-Liten, an update regarding how the project has been promoted within the PM community so far, presentation video links from the consortium partners, details on the latest meetings and workshops and information regarding the consortium members.

pdf SUPREME Newsletter - Issue 1 - March 2018 (1.36 MB)

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